Friday, May 14, 2010

Tales from the Abyss

I've talked before about collaborating with fellow horror author, Ro Van Saint, and our first book is coming out on June 1st, titled Tales from the Abyss. This four-story ebook won't contain an actual collaboration on a story, but two tales by her and two by me. But it's FREE. This gives you a taste of better things to come. Just sign up for The Hooligans list on to recieve it at the beginning of next month (though personally I am an anti-rock star).

The next book will feature even better stories, and might include the tale I collaborated on with her if the pro-paying magazine I'm going to send it to doesn't publish it. The next book will not be free. I'm very excited about this as the first story I wrote with her is the sickest piece I've ever taken part in. The next project with Ro will be a novella, and then a novel will follow, Lord willin and if the creek doesn't rise.

So sign up, creeps, and get freaked! You won't regret it!