Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anti-My Space people

I've run into people lately--other writers--that look down on authors that have My Space Web sites. I say, "It's a blog and Web site in one: real easy." They say My Space isn't as "it" as it used to be, or that Lolitas will be bothering me. Well, I'm not afraid of kids, but I've never had an underage girl bug me on My Space.

First of all, I'm into thrash and death metal. I don't give a fuck what's trendy.

Second, a writer should take every opportunity to network and build an author platform. Am I on the other sites the naysayers are talking about? Sure! I'm on Wordpress, Blogger, Facebook, Goodreads, Ning, Twitter, DFG, Critters, My Writer's Circle--you name it, I'm on it. If I've forgotten something, someone please tell me because I want to get all the fans I can garner. That's the deal: the race is on to see who can get the most fans to read your novel (and I'm in the process of finishing up book number one if anybody's wondering). So if you pick out certain Web sites that are to your liking and discard the others, you're missing out on all the fans you could be getting in those other places.

Me thinks some people are chatting too much and perhaps not reading and networking enough.