Monday, December 21, 2009

My Picks for the Top 10 Books of 2009!

Here's my list of my favorite books of 2009, in order:
1. Bestial-Ray Garton
2. Urban Gothic-Brian Keene
3. Wolf's Gambit-W.D. Gagliani
4. Heavy Metal Horror (anthology)
5. Vermin (anthology)
6. Bonded by Blood 2 (anthology)
7. Under the Dome-Stephen King
8. Relentless-Dean Koontz
9. Breeding Ground-Sarah Pinborough
10. The Bone Factory-Nate Kenyon

What are yours?

Monday, December 14, 2009

My story, "The Interloper," comes out in Bonded by Blood 2 on Friday the 18th!

Remember my publication that won me story of the month in SNM Horror? No? Good, 'cause it's out in the new anthology Bonded by Blood 2! Here's the link:

Enjoy this tale of insanity!

My vampire piece, "FREAKS," just came out in Downstate Story!

This one is huge: my vampire story, "FREAKS," just came out in the new Downstate Story (! Not only did I get paid fifty dollars for the piece, I also got another twenty-five for illustrating the story with a pencil sketch, which is a first. I've already been interviewed and I understand I'll be doing live readings and be on television. ROCK FUCKING ON.

And don't worry, real horror fans/authors, I came at the vamps in an original way and it's gory.

Success (despite myself)!

I'm flying high on all the success I've been having as a writer the last 3/4th of the year, and this from someone who was ready to quit after writing for 1/&1/2 years to no avail! I've had ten publications in ten months, the Vermin and Heavy Metal Horror anthologies were reviewed by the San Diego Examiner and I just had my second interview with my home-town paper: The Peoria Journal Star, for my newest publication in Downstate Story. So here's the lesson to all struggling new writers (make sure you have talent though; I had a novella published in 2001): don't give up!