Friday, March 19, 2010

The Masters of Horror anthology

Lucky enough to have been invited into the Masters of Horror writing organization, I've been asked to review the Masters of Horror anthology--not the same Masters of Horror on Showtime. I gladly oblige:

This was a entertaining read from beginning to end. The stories lurking within truly creeped me out on so many levels. There's still a bit of proofreading to be done, but what published book is typoless? Sixteen authors contributed to this antho' guaranteed to rob you of sleep at night by bringing you the nightmare you've most feared...

The first three stories are excellent. I especially loved Carole Gill's "Truth Hurts," where a woman writing about douchey vampires gets her comeuppance. A man is seduced by the lamia in "Ladies of the Scale" by Bob Morgan Jr., and Lee Pletzer's "Teeth" will make you think twice about taking your son fishing again. A boy gets revenge on abusive adults in "Devil Inside" by William Cook, and we go on a Lovecraftian journey with Jason Warden's amazing story, "Once Seen." K.K.'s "The Visitation" will have you shuddering, and Mark Edward Hall's "The Fear" makes a case against hunting for a lost relative. Other great, creepy tales are "Wounds" by Joseph Mulak and "The Barnes Family Reunion" by Angel Leigh McCoy.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the unrestrained gore, but if psychological is your thing, you'll also find compelling stories within. When this book comes out, any horror fan would be a fool not to get a copy.

A. R. Braun


  1. hey, thanks for the review, man.

  2. You're very welcome. It was a joy to read. I'm reading your novel you sent me now. Also a joy to read.

  3. A.R. I am flattered, thank you so much. Truthfully, I did want to overskill authors like that for a while! And it kind of still makes me titter quietly to myself when I recall just how horrible her end was!
    Again many thanks!

  4. You're very welcome, Carole! And thanks for the follow!

  5. Thanks A.R a very well done review, and I'm very pleased you enjoyed the Lovecraftian ride.

  6. You're very welcome. Good job, my friend.