Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Interview on The Nadia Sahari Show went great!

I was very pleased with how my interview went on The Nadia Sahari Show. I tried my best to sound confidant and not be chicken-shit nervous. Nadia's a great lady, a true survivor of abuse, who just does a fabulous job getting the word out about nobodys like me so we can have some exposure. Make sure you check out her book. She's a survivor of sexual abuse and rose above impossible circumstances. Thanks!


  1. Nice interview. I caught the part I missed.

  2. A.R., I enjoyed the interview.

    Could you tell me more about the copyright issue that was discussed in the interview? When do you need to copyright?

  3. Thanks so much for listening, Cher. You always need to copyright, because if someone steals your story and you haven't copyrighted it, there's nothing you can say. You have no legal recourse. It's a way to protect your story. Probably no one's going to steal your story if you put it up for critique, but if they do, you're protected by law.

  4. But when, surely you don't do this for every short story, do you?

    How much does it cost?

    I was under the impression that you write, send it out, and when it is published it obtains a copyright.

  5. No, you have to copyright. In fact, the magazine publisher might even ask you for the copyright date. I'm going to quote Steve Marshall of SNM Horror here: "A copyright is the writer's condom." Yes, I do every story, but no one knows the weight of the financial burden like me, so I copyright one story a month. It's $45, but if you do it online at I do--it's only $35, which isn't bad. If you keep at it every month, eventually everything's copyrighted.